How much does a funeral cost?

Here in the UK, it’s an unfortunate fact that funeral costs are currently rising by more than the rate of inflation each year, and in 2017 the average cost of a basic funeral rose to in excess of £4,000 for the first time. Of course we all hope to live long and healthy lives but, with costs continuing to rise, how much will a funeral cost by the time we need this final service?

Today, the cost of a funeral usually consists of two main elements – the cost of the funeral director’s services and the cost of services provided by external parties (or disbursements as they are commonly known). Funeral director’s services typically include collection, care and preparation of the deceased, provision of transport and staff and support, advice and guidance to the bereaved. The disbursements typically include the crematorium fee or cost of opening a burial grave, the doctor’s fee for certification of death and the minister’s fee.

In the short term, funeral expenses fall to loved ones and relatives while they wait for an estate to be settled. This process can take a considerable amount of time, and of course there is no guarantee that there will be sufficient funds in the estate to cover the funeral costs – and no one wants their distraught family worrying about money at such a difficult time, which is why funeral plans make such good sense.

With our Safe Hands funeral plans, no matter how long you live, you can be confident that the funeral director’s fees and services costs will be fully covered when you pass away – and with the flexibility we offer, you can also choose to make a contribution towards disbursement costs too.