Power of Attorney

There may come a time in life when you are not able to make crucial decisions at the time at which they need to be made – for example if you are in an accident or have an illness – and it would be comforting to know that people who have your best interests at heart are either able to help you make decisions, or make decisions on your behalf at that time.

A power of attorney is a legal document where you appoint one or more people as your attorney/s to act in such situations, effectively providing you with more control over what happens to you.

There are two types of power of attorney:

  • health and welfare - where your attorneys can make decisions about such things as your daily routine (washing, dressing, eating etc), medical care, moving into a care home and life-sustaining treatment - which can only be used when you're unable to make your own decisions.
  • property and financial affairs - where your attorneys can make decisions about money and property for you, such as managing bank/building society accounts, paying bills, collecting benefits and/or pension and selling your home - which can be used as soon as it's registered, with your permission.

You can choose to make a power of attorney for one aspect, or both – and whichever you choose, Sapphire Wills is here to guide you through the process.


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